Doctor’s degree

Doctor’s Degree

Recently, Doctor’s degree in China are willingly opened for international students in many majors and students can do research and thesis in English. The course takes around 3 years. Students should present the proposal to professor of university for being accepted to be supervisor before students are able to register. The list of professional professors in each major can be found from university website or professors introduction book. In this course may have to attend some classes but mostly students will be doing research and thesis before presenting to the board for graduation confirmation.​

3-5 years

Study description: 
Research and thesis are the main objectives, sometimes may have class.​

First semester starts on September and the application is closed on July (depend on university).

Applicant should receive JW202 and admission notice from university, and use them to apply for student visa (X1) at Embassy of The People’s Republic of China. After arriving at China, student should go for medical checkup and change to residence permit within 30 days.

Applicant should have Master’s degree graduation certificate in related major.

For dormitory that university provides, there are rooms with roommate and without roommates (depend on university).

Application documents:
1. Copy of student’s passport and parent’s passport
2. 5 photos of 2inch photo
3. Copy of transcript and certificate
4. A recommendation letter
5. Result of HSK or TOEFL or IELTS (if required)


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