Mandarin Program

Mandarin Program
For those who want to study Chinese, Sinovast wants to suggest you to study Chinese in China directly because you can apply use in your daily life which is different to when you study in Thailand especially when you communicate with people.  

You can choose the city that you like such as Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, etc. 

– Short-term 1 month
– Mid-term 12 weeks
– Long-term 1 year

Special Program for Summer and Winter

Characters learning:
100-4000 characters above
*we can help you to control your budget by managing the right program for you. Contact us now*

Q. Which course level has Chinese speaking class?
Every course has Chinese speaking class since beginning level until advanced level. However, each university uses different systems in teaching to be appropriate for new students. There is a Chinese proficiency test to separate students to classes which are beginning level, intermediate level, and advanced level, and also separate to sub-levels. Every student will attend those classes first, within 2-3weeks if students find that the class is too easy or too hard, students can change to lower or harder level. We recommend students to be honest in test and decide by themselves which class is the most suitable for them. Students should set goals and find inspirations in studying Chinese in China. The most suitable university for international students in China is Beijing University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University of finance and economics, and Fudan University​.

Q. How many students in one class?
Normally, there are around 20 students in one class which are students from all over the world and from Sinovast.

Q. What are the daily activities of international students in China?
Students wake up and get ready to go to university, it takes around 10-30 minutes depends on the distance between classroom and dormitory. The class may be from 8am-12pm or 1:30pm-5pm, there is also break time during class. The class is opened every day except national holidays, in this case you may have make-up class on Saturday or Sunday. Homework usually contains of handwriting and practicing some skills. For students who want more experiences out from the class, we have some volunteer activities or trainee program to apply language skills usefully.

Q. What students will get by studying Chinese course?
Studying Chinese course has many criteria that affect to what students may receive. Study Chinese takes time, and improvement of each student depends on time that spends on practicing. We estimate that students will learn about 800 characters during a semester (around 100-200 characters per month).

Perspective on studying Chinese

200 characters: enough for basic daily life, to introduce yourself, to tell directions to driver, to order food or beverages.

800 characters: you can have basic Chinese conversations, talking about climates, what you like and don’t like in daily life such as shopping and traveling.

1,500 characters: you can read newspaper even though you cannot fully understand it but you can summarize the meaning briefly.

2,500 – 3,500 characters: you are in the same level as students who graduate from high school in China, be able to read and understand Chinese newspaper and magazine, be able to listen and understand Chinese tv programs and movies, and be able to speak Chinese in public.

4,500 – 5,500 characters: you are in the same level as students who graduate from university in China. In this level, you can speak fluently in any situations and translate documents in advance level.

20,000 – 30,000 characters: you are in the small group of professional people in Chinese language who are expert in deeper detail of Chinese language. Not much people are in this level both foreigners and local Chinese but it is not too hard to try.

Q. how is this program?​
Every university that works together with Sinovast has been assured by Education ministry of China.
In the end of each program, university will provide the documentary proof for student. This documentary proof is from class attendance, GPA, final exam (mostly), mid-term exam, and homework. Most of students are interested in transferring credits to universities in their own countries which have to be confirmed in advance. We suggest you to consult with advisor in your country first before starting application process. This program has 20 class hours per week which is full-time education (same as full-term education according to the standard of universities in western). 4 weeks program is equivalent to one semester of Chinese program in universities in western. One semester has so many programs and should have credits more than 12-15 credits.

* University has the right to cancel student’s visa if student does not follow the rules. Students should attend classes to meet the requirements.​


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