Beijing Institute of Technology

Beijing Institute of Tchnology


The predecessor of Beijing Institute of Technology is the Academy of Natural Sciences, the first university of science and engineering established by Communist Party of China in Yan’an.

At the beginning of 1940, Academy of Natural Sciences was born during Counter-Japanese War. It was finally settled in Beijing after undergoing trials and hardships throughout North China.

For the past 70 years, the university has kept serving for the main tasks of the Party and the country and stuck to the Yan’an spirit in running the school and educating the students. It has been inheriting and promoting the revolutionary tradition, developing through vigorous efforts and has finally become a domestically first-class and internationally well-known high-level research-oriented university.

Reviewing the history, we feel it like a beautiful melody; looking forward to the future, we are filled with ambition and passion. Through exhibiting the splendid history of our university, this museum aims to motivate the teachers and students to strive for the great future of the school.

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